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**Come and join in a discussion of my book on Monday, March 24th, from 7-8pm, at the University Bookstore (U District location) in Seattle. Details on the event page.

**Book discussion, showing of projects, and a project demo from the book at University Place Library in Tacoma on April 3rd from 7-8pm (books will be available for sale at the event).

**Book discussion at Elliot Bay Book Company on April 5th from 2-3pm.

**Book discussion at Third Place Books in Lake Forest Park on April 10th from 6-7pm.

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My first book of beautiful and easy handmade projects for you and your home will be published in March 2014. Wise Craft: Turning Thrift Store Finds, Fabric Scraps, and Natural Objects Into Stuff You Love encapsulates everything I love about handmade… repurposing and giving a new life to cast-offs…approachable projects that anyone can do to make their home special…telling your family’s story with handmade objects sprinkled throughout the place you call home. The 60 projects range from quilting, crocheting, knitting, bookmaking, and painting. The projects were created with the ideas of slowing down, turning off the static, looking away from our devices, and focus on making with our hands. I’m so happy to be able to share my passion for handmaking in book form!

Our homes should be a beautiful respite, a place that is all ours, and that tells our story. But not overpriced! No. What I love and cherish most in our home are the handmade pieces, the older pieces that came to us with a story, and objects we’ve collected and enhanced with our own personal handmade touches. Seasonally at my home, I spruce up tired corners, move things around a bit, and change up displays of seasonal family collections like seashells or heart shaped rocks. Even if I am “busy”! Because it makes such a difference in our sense of home. With that in mind, the Wise Craft book is divided into 4 seasonal sections, each with a lush color story to inspire you even more. 

Whether you have the keys to your very first apartment, feel like making something but aren’t sure where to start, feeling like your home could use a jolt of your creative side, or as a unique gift for someone who needs to enjoy some “slow stitching”, Wise Craft has something for everyone. The 184 pages are filled to the brim with beautiful, inspiring photography by EJ Armstrong and illustrations by Lisa Congdon.

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Special book events can be found on this page. I hope to see you!

(Other publications I’ve been in can be found on the press page.)


Trailer for Wise Craft: Using Thrift Store Finds, Fabric Scraps, and Bits of Nature Into Stuff You Love by Blair Stocker from Blair Stocker on Vimeo.



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