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Using Perle Cotton in your Sewing Machine


I’m down to the final prep work for Urban Craft Uprising this weekend, and making some simple decorations for the booth space, using scraps of fabric from all the quilts I’ve made recently. These are simple buntings to drape all around the booth (buntings are festive, right?). It’s easy enough to make bunting on the sewing machine with regular thread, but I find it can feel a little delicate in a bunting so I used Perle Cotton thread for a little more weight and strength. Here’s how I use it in my sewing machine, in case anyone out there wants to give it a try.




I use Size 8 Perle cotton thread, the same kind I hand quilt with. The trick is to load the Perle cotton onto the bobbin, and not to sew with it as your top thread. It’s much easier to use this way.

Winding it is the trick. I usually hold the thread ball in my right hand, thread it through just as I normally would, and loosely hold it as it winds around the bobbin. In this video, at a couple of points I’m holding the ball too tightly and you can tell the winder doesn’t like it. Do as I say, not as I do, and hold it loosely.

Winding my bobbin with Size 8 Perle Cotton Thread. from Blair Stocker on Vimeo.


Next, just load the bobbin into your bobbin case, load your top thread with a regular sized, coordinating thread, and you’re ready to sew. Here’s how I made my bunting.


Sewing with Perle Cotton from Blair Stocker on Vimeo.






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