Welcome to the studio!

Studio Tour

     I’ve been creative my whole life, and over the years there have been many types of spaces where this creativity happened. The younger me happily worked on my college apartment floor. My early adult years I saw sewing and crafting happen on the dining room table. In 2006, my husband surprised me by painting and fitting out a studio space for me in a spare bedroom on the main floor of our house. It was the very first dedicated creative space I’d ever had, and I spent about 5 years in that space. It was tight, but all mine, and it allowed me to be near my small children at the same time I was creating.

     Somewhere along the way, my kids turned into teenagers and my little sewing room was bursting. After successfully pleading for more space I moved into a large, dedicated room in our basement, which is where Wise Craft Handmade is located presently. It is here that I write my books make all kinds of things, and am at my most content.

      In addition to quilt making and other sewing I do in my studio, there’s also painting, crochet, and any number of DIY projects happening on a regular basis. It can be a struggle to keep it tidy, but I try.