Lari Washburn 9

Wise Craft Quilts Contributor Lari Washburn

Lari Washburn 9

Photo by Erin Little

One of my favorite sections in Wise Craft Quilts, is the one about quilt labels. To me, this was a section that had to be included in the book- sewing a label on to the back of a quilt is such a huge part of the storytelling process. In the book are full sized labels in the book that can be printed out at home (I use these ink jet printable fabric sheets) and filled in. (They will soon be available, preprinted and ready to use, from my shop.) While writing the book, I reached out to some of my favorite artists and asked them to design a quilt label. I was over the moon with what they sent back! Each label speaks to the style of the artist who made it, and interprets the idea of labelling a quilt in their own unique way.

Over the next few weeks, I’ll be posting interviews with each of these very inspiring women! First up is ceramicist, painter, and maker of all kinds of beautiful dots and lines, Lari Washburn.


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Flower Stamps Quilt

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I have so much to share with you! Now that my book is officially out on the shelves, I want to talk a little about each of the quilts in it and share some background of how they came to be and the meaning behind each one. I thought I’d start with one of my favorites, a quilt called Value. READ MORE

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