Dream, Learn, Quilt! is

a six week online course coming in September.

completely online (come to class in your pjs!).

New lessons are delivered each week, on a private website,

guiding you through the process of

designing your own quilt.

I will be present throughout the class, with you every step of the way.

Get ready for a class unlike any class you’ve seen.

If you find yourself…

  • saving beautiful fabric for that someday quilt?

  • have lots of finished quilt tops, but not finished quilts?

  • constantly dreaming up ideas for quilts that you’d like to make- but never seem to make them?

  • loving the idea of a quilt to celebrate (birth, marriage, first apartment, college freshman, etc)?

  • wanting to LEARN the basics of making a well-constructed quilt, but thinking there seems to be a lot of “rules” in QUILT making? (and who’s got time for that?)

  • looking for new ways to get inspired?

  • just not quite sure where to start?


My love of quilt making is tied to the

stories stitched into cloth.

Dream, Learn Quilt! will show you how to be inspired, not inhibited,

by the limits of your own special collection of fabrics.

I signed up for Blair's workshop because I had been gifted a large amount of antique lace and antique clothing. I wanted the courage and the inspiration to cut into those beautiful pieces, and I need the confidence that I could create something beautiful and actually useful out of the materials. I got the instruction, inspiration, and maybe most importantly, the enthusiasm I needed to get started from Blair and the other students. It was a fantastic day of creative exploration for me.- Angela
Took an Up-to-date cycle quilting class with Blair. She was very supportive and encouraging.
Loved sharing ideas with other participants. A very creative group. Got ideas for future projects.- Deborah
I had so much fun at your up-cycling quilt class! I loved the concept of using material I already had, but what I loved most about your class was that it gave me the knowledge and confidence to make a quilt. I feel like I got a good grasp on how to use the tools and learn simple but crucial steps in the quilting process, like: no need to backstitch on the piecing and doing things in batches...I have saved so much time and it has made the process so much more fun! Lots and lots of aha! moments to be had in your class! Thank you for the inspiration, Blair!- Andrea
If I look back to the class I took I think I appreciated your enthusiasm the most. You were very encouraging and did a great job at explaining things to help us novices with our quilts.- Karla

Instead of being taught how to sew a quilt that someone else has designed, learn to design your own quilt your own way.

 In Design, Learn, Quilt! you will learn approachable techniques and

discover how fun making quilts can be!

Based on the principles behind my Complete Quilt Design Planner™ booklet,

combined with 19 years of experience making quilts,

I’ll demonstrate all you need to know.

Without getting bogged down in technique and process.

There’s truly something for everyone in the art of quilt making.

Whether your fabrics are NEW, upcycled, well-loved, gathered, or

scraps from another project.

They will be PERFECT for a quilt of