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Patchwork pillow commission



I recently completed two sets of commission pillows, one for a 13 year old and the other for her sister. They’re getting their bedrooms completely redone- new colors, furniture, all designed by my talented friends CJ and Barbara, of CJ Hurley Arts, out of Portland, OR. These sisters have completely different tastes, which made this project fun to do.READ MORE

Portable Design Wall how-to

How to Make a Portable Design Wall

Portable Design Wall how-to



No doubt, a quilt maker needs a big space to lay out the quilt top, configure the design of it. Or at least big enough that we need to be able to step back and away from the piece to get a feel for the whole design. Trying to do this on a horizontal surface (dining room table, bed, floor) can work, but soon enough it gets old. In comes the portable design wall to the rescue!READ MORE


Friday Favorites: QuiltEssential by Erin Harris

I am inspired by so many things, I decided that every Friday, I will highlight a favorite person, thing, or idea. Maybe you will be inspired too! See all past Friday Favorites here.





Erin and I have known each other for a long time in blog world years, and she’s a creative inspiration to me and many others. She seems to have limitless amounts of energy and she’s fun to hang out with in person too! When she asked me to interview me for her first book, there wasn’t a moment of hesitation. QuiltEssential, A Visual Directory of Contemporary Patterns, Fabrics, and Color is a quilter’s first stop. Folks who know quilting from the “outside” may confused by the special language quilters have. And there is a special language, believe me. Erin covers lots of ground level techniques and terms in this book, giving the sewer the knowledge to know where and how to start. Beautiful photographs, inspiring images, and practical information sprinkled throughout the book. Everything you need to know to make your quilt your own is here.

And because I’m nosey, I asked Erin some questions about her book. And because she’s nice, she agreed. Grab your coffee and settle in!


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