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Interwoven Quilt Pattern

New Quilt Pattern, Interwoven

Introducing Interwoven. Another new quilt design using the Ruby Ruler™ . Simple, yet impactful quilt design all by just playing with value.

I’m not sure why, but simple repeating shapes like the ones in this quilt make me so happy. Each “unit” or block is the same configuration, but also little bit different from the others when made in a scrappy way. READ MORE

Flower Stamps Quilt

#myquiltcouldlivehere New Flower Stamps Quilt Pattern

Flower Stamps Quilt

A new quilt pattern, just in time for Spring! Flower Stamps is one of those ideas I had in my mind for a long time before I actually got the chance to work on it. You know the kind. They get scribbled or doodled down on small bits of paper when you’re doing something totally unrelated, just so you don’t forget about them! READ MORE

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