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How to Clean Vintage Linens by Wise Craft Handmade

Buying and Cleaning Vintage Linens

How to Clean Vintage Linens

I am nuts for vintage linens, needlework, embroidery, fabric, and similar textile pieces, I think I’ve made that clear. One of my favorite things to do is shop for it, either online or at secondhand stores. For me, cleaning vintage linens goes hand in hand with buying them, and its what I’m thinking about when I’m deciding whether to buy it or not. I begin with the same basic process for any vintage fabrics and linens I buy, which I cover this in my “Sewing Clothes Into Quilts” class, but I wanted to talk a bit using an actual example. READ MORE

Fabric Scrap DIY Heart Valentines

Scrappy Heart Valentine

I’m having fun dreaming up projects to utilize scraps lately. I like the unexpected results it can bring, and lord knows I have enough fabric. Although this DIY fabric scrap project is just in time for Valentine’s Day, the basic method to make these hearts, which is called foundation piecing, can be used for all kinds of patchwork projects.READ MORE

thrift store plate paintings

Thrift Store Plate Paintings

thrift store plate paintings


If you, like me, decided not to host the big Thanksgiving dinner this year, you may change your mind after making these. A mismatched set secondhand plates get a completely new look with ceramic paint. No need mad artistic skills, just have fun. It’s a great project to do with friends, so grab your besties, put on a movie, and start painting!READ MORE

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