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This page lists all of the workshops I currently teach. Please see this page for my current schedule.

As well as teaching online at CreativeLive, I offer a variety of in-person lectures,

trunk shows, half and full day sewing classes to inspire quilters and makers of any skill level.

 My teaching style is all about creating an atmosphere of fun.  Student interaction is encouraged!

Please email me at blairwisecraft@gmail.com for availability, details, and recommended supply lists.

Dream Learn Quilt!
A new online class coming September 2017
Complete Quilt Design Planner

Beginning Quilting using my pattern, The Complete Quilt Design Planner

6 hour, full day workshop, students will design and piece their very own personal quilt design! Each student will receive a copy of my very popular pattern “The Complete Quilt Design Planner“. This pattern is a complete guide providing tools, tips, and how-to’s to design any size from a 20” pillow to a King sized quilt. You’ve never seen anything quite like it! Students will learn to use their own personal tastes and inspiration to create a unique color palette. They’ll use the coloring pages provided to create a unique design. In class, I will provide instruction on efficient cutting techniques for yardage and/or upcycled materials (such a men’s shirts, for example). We’ll walk through pattern layouts on a design wall, and how to accurately piece patchwork, and troubleshooting. I will offer guidance on adding even more variety in their design. This class is inspired and paced to allow optimum time for designing and sewing. It is a lot of fun to watch all the designs come together! Designed for beginners comfortable with basic sewing and seasoned sewers who are ready to try designing a quilt project on their own.

Wise Craft Quilts

 Wise Craft Quilts: My Journey Into Upcycled Patchwork

Using vintage and second hand fabric that tells stories and keeps memories alive in our everyday lives has provided endless inspiration for me. In fact, I just wrote a book about it! In this lecture/trunk show, I discuss my journey of blogging, upcycled crafting and quilt making. I will discuss my background in textile science and designing in the apparel industry and how it influences my work today. Filled with lots of colorful examples showing how I use these textiles in my current work, as well as practical tips on how to find these fabrics, how to wash and prepare them to use in your work, and how to store them, etc. 60-90 minutes long, with actual samples, powerpoint images, and a Q&A. It is a very inspiring talk that will make you think differently about the textiles you have stored away for the “someday” quilt.


hand stitched

Hand Stitched Wall Hanging

In this 3 hour, half day workshop, students will discover the absolute joy and relaxation of the current trend of “slow stitching”. This project, simply called Hand Stitched, is from my book Wise Craft Quilts: A Guide To Turning Beloved Fabric Into Meaningful Patchwork, and is made using a method called English Paper Piecing (EPP). Your favorite small bits of scrappy fabrics are hand sewn around acid-free English Paper Pieces chosen by me, for their shapes, to create this unique piece that can be framed and hung, to be enjoyed for years to come. I will share my methods for this type of hand sewing, as well as how I create a carry-along kit of these pieces for stitching on the go. A relaxing, inspiring workshop

 Upcycle Your Quiltmaking!

The foundations of quilt making and patchwork are deeply rooted in the simple concept of creative reuse and making new out of old. These are concepts I explore in my own quilt making, which I like to call traditional modern. I wrote my newest book, Wise Craft Quilts: A Guide To Turning Beloved Fabrics into Meaningful Patchwork to expand on this idea.

In this 6 hour, full day workshop, I will guide you through thinking differently about your own modern quilt making. We will plan and begin executing a quilt based on fabrics you have picked from your own life. These fabrics are most likely hiding in a drawer, attic, or a relatives’ house. They could be a loved, yet tattered t-shirt collection, Grandmother’s well-used table linens. They may be as cherished as your baby’s first year clothes, or as mundane as last years clothes set aside for Goodwill.

I will share all my strategies and secrets for cleaning, cutting up and preparing the fabrics for use in a quilting. I’ll discuss other aspects of the quilt making process such as needle size, thread types, etc, suitable for your fabrics. Each student will also receive a copy of The Complete Quilt Design Planner pattern to use both in class and take home to use.

You will leave with an understanding of what our Great Grandmothers innately knew. Look no further than what you already have to make something beautiful.

faux bois

Faux bois Quilted Pillow Workshop

Faux Bois is a French term meaning “false wood”. In this 3 hour, half day workshop based on a quilt project in my first book, students learn to stitch up this beautiful all-over woodgrain texture on a pillow sized project using a walking foot. Mastering and practicing this texture in class is easy! Once you spend the afternoon with me, making this pillow project, you will be able to apply it to any kind of project needing a little extra texture and body. In class, I will share my tips and tricks for marking fabric, making piping, using a walking foot, etc. This workshop is paced to optimize actual stitching time.  Students will leave with a full digital pattern file to follow at home to recreate this stitch on other projects. Students should come to class with a good, working knowledge of how to use a sewing machine.


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