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Just kidding, you will get $25!



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What is the class?

Dream, Learn, Quilt! is an online quilting class that presents quilt making in a fresh new way, making it approachable, easy to grasp, and easy to get started. Students move from “one day I want to make a quilt” to diving in with excitement. The class is held completely online, on a private website, with new lessons introduced each Monday. Lessons are presented in a variety of ways to suit all learning styles: video, downloadable pdfs, and written/interactive. Watch the lessons in your pjs, in the comfort of your own home, right there with your fabrics, ideas, and sewing machine.


This is the 3rd run of the class, read testimonials and reviews on this page.


The class is also supported in a private Facebook Group, where students can meet up, interact with each other, ask questions, etc. Each week, Blair holds a FB Live chats to discuss current lessons, challenges, questions, and support. If you’re ever feeling stuck, know that Blair is active in the group throughout the entire class. Ask her questions directly and get honest, helpful feedback.


When does it start and how long does it last?

Class begins Tuesday, January 1st, 2019 and will run for 6 continuous weeks. Once the class is over, all the students will get continued, uninterrupted access for 6 more weeks.


What are the enrollment dates?

Registration for Dream, Learn, Quilt! is open from December 1- December 31. Your affiliate link works the entire month of December.


What’s the cost of the class?




Any incentives I can pass on to my readers?

The first 5 signups will be eligible for a 1 hr one-on-one Skype or FaceTime consultation with me. We can use it to talk through their ideas, questions, inspiration, confusion. I will contact the first five signups individually to arrange a good time to make this happen during the first 10 days of class.
Who is this class for?

– Anyone who wants to make a quilt and is familiar with how to use a sewing machine.
– A quilter who has made a few quilts but is ready to tackle designing their own quilt.
– Any creative person who feels stuck creatively and is ready to branch out and try making a quilt.



How and when do affiliates get paid?

Affiliate payouts will happen via PayPal on January 4th, 2019.



Are there graphics to use for the class?

Yes, click on any of the images below to enlarge to full size and drag to your desktop or save to your phone. Feel free to use these when talking about the class.


You can also use the below video.


Dream, Learn, Quilt! Promotional Video

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