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Mary Tyler Moore

How It Goes Down Around Here

Melissa mentioned watching 4 seasons of Mary Tyler Moore while getting some solitary sewing done a few weeks ago and I gasped. “You can watch Mary Tyler Moore?” “On“? “No kidding!” To which Peter did a little eye roll and the kids asked “what’s Marytylermoore?”READ MORE

Holiday Gifts We Made

We actually just finished giving our gifts, due to snow days, illness, and my forgetfulness. I thought I would share what holiday gifts we made this season.

holiday gifts

Front porch snow

Fun in the Snow


Front porch snow

Quite a contrast from the last time I looked at this pot.

Snowing like crazy out there. Part of me loves it, part of me starts to get a little claustrophobic. What about you?

I should be doing anything other than making felt ornaments, but that’s what I’m doing. (I did clean up my closet today, thank you.) I found these over on the Martha Stewart website and am gathering materials to start (its good for me to pick things that I have supplies on hand for, because I need to use up some of these supplies bad). In fact, I’m kind of picking through my ornaments this year and getting rid of some of those fillers from years past. I get in these moods every 3 years or so, like clockwork. Some years I’m looking for the sparkle, other years I’m looking for the wooly, handmade look. I waffle entirely too much. In fact, if I could teleport myself over to Anthro right now I’d buy up most of their ornaments because most are on sale. And they’ve got twinkle and wooly.


Girl Scout Friendship Pins

Girl Scout Friendship Pins

Girl Scout Friendship Pins

Brownie girls, that is.  They made friendship pins to send to our penpals in Colorado (Jessica, don’t look, they are in the mail).  I love how completely old school they are.  Did you guys make these in the 80’s?  Who out there still has one pinned to an old denim jacket from high school?  Our 3rd graders just loved these and did such a good job of making them, a very successful project.  We picked Girl Scout, Brownie, and Trefoil patterns from here, there are more patterns here, more patterns everywhere if you google friendship pins.

The basic supplies are:

A coiless safety pin

Regular 1 1/2″ safety pins
for the rest

Size 8 Japanese seed beads.  You could use any seed bead sold at a craft store that would fit on the safety pin, we went to Fusion Beads here in town because they have great colors and selection.  Emma is in the room making one at my studio table right now, they are addictive.

Thank you for your encouraging words on the shop update.  There are more things in the pipeline for Spring, as soon as they are done I will let you know.  And many of you have asked if there will be more charm bracelets.  My answer?  Of course!  Cover the world in charm bracelets I say!  I’ll let you know that too.  Soon…

Feeling back in the swing of things today, finally recovering from that lost hour maybe?  I am enjoying hanging out with my other girl in the studio, who is not quite as chubby as she looks in this picture, although gosh, maybe she is-

*Does everybody else relook at the title of their posts and wonder if its one that will target spam the way I do?  This one probably will.

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