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Upcycled patchwork, modern quilts, and books by Blair Stocker. Seattle, Washington
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The Treehouse Appreciation Society

Happy Earth Day to you!
The weekend was gorgeous here in Seattle (seems to be over for the moment, hope everyone enjoyed). A big part of it for us was spent out in the backyard, readying it for warmer weather. The official Treehouse Appreciation Society began as a result of our weekend. (The society being we (you, anybody) wise crafters who craft and make things for treehouse, club house, outdoor fun, etc.) The more we cleaned up the play structure, the more excited we got, thinking of the possibilities of hanging out and playing there again this summer. At some point on Saturday, our thoughts turned to camp and treehouse-related crafts (as all cleaning sessions with mom usually do). Hence, the society…

We have always called this structure a treehouse, but its actually quite firmly on the ground. It does, however, have a great “lookout” on the top floor. Sitting up there gives you a bird’s eye view of our backyard and of the trees around us, that’s the treehouse part. Our little house in the trees. (I’ve spent some me time up there myself.)

There is a tiny clubhouse below, just behind the climbing wall, with a door, and according to 7 and 10 year olds, that’s where the magic happens. I donated an old doormat for the threshold, and Emma planted a pot of geraniums-

There were requests made by the kids for some sort of seating inside, and a table. That sent me off on a tangent I will explain in another post. In the spirit of using only what we have around the house, I gave them a plastic storage bin with a well fitting lid to put inside the clubhouse, that can be used for temporary seating. It was quickly filled with board games, binoculars, art supplies, and bird books. Perfect. An old camp table with a piece of oil cloth over it makes a table just the right size. And, what’s a clubhouse without curtains? Up went a set sewn from a yard of fabric I had and a curtain rod I found in the basement.
Its good…its really really good in there.

These little flower bud vials, left over from a floral arrangement my friend made, proved to be the real hit of the afternoon. There were flower petals to be crushed! Potions to be mixed! The birdbath was a handy pot-

I love my kid’s “can do” attitude, and am always happy when they don’t automatically think something needs to be purchased in order to make or finish the ideea they have in their mind. This is where their impatience pays off- they don’t have the time to wait for a grown up to take them to buy what they need (plus it takes a lot of energy and persistence to convince them to do it in the first place). So, by default, the imagination takes over and they simply make it happen.

And I apologize to the neighbors in advance for how many times Emma has played this song in the treehouse. I’m really thinking twice about putting sound of any kind out there.

Color and Pattern


Now that a new quilt for Emma is done, and a proper “quilt rest” has followed, next comes a quilt for Ian’s bed. I’ve been wanting to make this Marquee pattern (above), from the FunQuilts Studio book The Modern Quilt Workshop, since the book came out in 2005, and when I started trying to gather ideas a few months ago, the idea that this pattern still inspires me convinced me this is one I’ll go with next. The effect of the tiny strips of color, surrounding the “ground” fabric feels traditional and modern to me, which I really like. Its described in the book as the strips of color being like flashing lights in Times Square. I can see that. Its a relatively easy pattern for me, which will be a nice change after the curved templates for the Single Girl. This pattern uses no templates, just plenty of rotary cutting strips and blocks, and I really like projects that involve nothing more than pretty fabric, a good sharp rotary cutting blade, and This American Life.READ MORE

Happy Easter to you

Emma made palm crosses for Palm Sunday (last Sunday) with her Mamere (their grandmother).
Happy Easter to everyone who celebrates!

Raingutter Regatta

Raingutter Regatta
We got back late last night early this morning from a lovely trip to a little island off the coast of Florida. Before I dip back into the cocktail of laundry and sorting that I’m enjoying today, I had to peek out and say hello (Hi!) and tell you about our Raingutter Regatta. Probably one of my favorite kid’s activity ideas ever!

My Single Girl Quilt

Single Girl Quilt
I put the final handstitches on the binding of the Denyse Schmidt’s Single Girl quilt yesterday afternoon. I do not remember feeling quite this satisfied with a project in a while. This project started quite a while back in craft time, and as most quilts, it happened in stages…fits…bursts of energy really. Those curves took a lot of focus and concentration. Some days we’re up for that, others…not so much. So, it sat, folded, until the next day of “okay, let’s do this” motivation came.READ MORE

Organizing with Drawstring Bags

drawstring bag pattern
drawstring bag pattern
When there is a lot of ’round the house tasks to be done, I like to think that’s just all part of the quality time my family and I spend together when we all take part. (There are those here who would disagree.) READ MORE

Grow Where You Are Planted

This simple pot on our front stoop has become somewhat symbolic to me, a sign of season’s change, reminding me there’s even beauty in snow covered dead plants when you look hard enough. Which, in a roundabout way, reminds me…READ MORE

How It Goes Down Around Here

Melissa mentioned watching 4 seasons of Mary Tyler Moore while getting some solitary sewing done a few weeks ago and I gasped. “You can watch Mary Tyler Moore?” “On hulu.com“? “No kidding!” To which Peter did a little eye roll and the kids asked “what’s Marytylermoore?”READ MORE

Holiday Gifts We Made

We actually just finished giving our gifts, due to snow days, illness, and my forgetfulness. I thought I would share what holiday gifts we made this season.
holiday gifts