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A Drawstring "Stuff" Bag

A custom drawstring stuff bag
Pulling up at school each morning, Ian and I get out of the car within a normal, realistic amount of time, and proceed to begin to wait for Emma to emerge. After several minutes of standing by the car and waiting for her, the door opens and she spills out. She has stuff. Lots of stuff. Bedroom stuff…backpack stuff…portable stuff… I do not know if this is typical of all 10 year old girls, but it is for Emma. There really is no other way to describe these bits and trinkets she finds important enough to carry with her.

Fall Already?

Fall AlreadyApparently it is, because there is absolutely no evidence of springtime weather here. 50 degrees and lots of rain does not equal the spring I was hoping to have. We are totally back into the curling up with something warm in your hands to drink weather.READ MORE

More Felted Rocks

felted rocks
Since we all need to be super diligent about washing our hands right now, it occurred to me, after having my hands immersed in warm soapy water for most of the afternoon yesterday, that maybe we, as a people, should just felt some wool rocks together.
Just a thought.

Grilling Vegetables

As an adult, probably one of my favorite things about summer is the abundance of super fresh, gorgeous vegetables. Farmers markets literally make the hair on the back of my neck stand up in excitement, and I love opening the kitchen pantry and fridge to see all those beautiful bright colors ready to eat.
We are big grillers here at my house. In my humble opinion, everything tastes better grilled (especially fruit), and its this time of year when grilled vegetables start showing up in literally everything I cook. I do not even begin to think that I am an expert on grilling vegetables, but I wanted to talk about them because of how good and familiar they are to me. Last night, I thought the cupboards were bare and that there was an emergency trip to the market in my future. When l spotted several vegetables that had never made their way onto the table that week, I started up the grill. They were perhaps not at the tippy top peak of their freshness, but grilling takes care of that. Zucchini, shallots, red bell peppers, and eggplant…
I brushed a little olive oil on each side, seasoned with a bit of salt and pepper, then put them the grill (fully pre-heated on high, turned down slightly when I put on the veggies). I have friends who use those special wire grill pans that hold the veggies in it as they grill, but I never have and have never had a problem (cut the pieces large enough so they don’t fall through the grill). A few minutes on each side, and you’re done. (I prefer to grill the shallots whole, to a dark char on the outside, making them soft and sweet on the inside.)

I found some slivered almonds, which I lightly toasted, then made a salad with radishes and grape tomatoes (no cheese, boo!). The grilled vegetables that were left over will show up wraps, sandwiches, and salads we’ll eat over the next few days.

And then it will be time to grill again.

Around here


The sunlight is changing our daily living space inside as well as outside. Peter and I have been fantasy shopping for a house (an emphasis on fantasy, because, really, who are we kidding??), but truth be told, things are feeling kind of nice around here these days. The yard is getting weeded and cleaned, and I’m doing my usual knick-knack-move-around the house this week- which is what I do when I don’t know what to do, but want to do something creative (do you follow? am I alone in doing this?). I feel like I’m close to bursting with new ideas for things to sew and knit and make, but knowing it can’t happen all at once, I’m trying to figure out how to pace myself, or bottle up this incredible enthusiasm and give myself a little dab behind the ears every few days.  Because, then, I figure, it actually stands a chance of happening.

A good place to start…a little water and wool therapy this morning. Felted rocks. Not quite dry, and I have more to make. So fun to make.
*I wanted to add that those terrariums in the first shot (or our family variation with what we had here at the house, those are quirky little glass vases we found in the basement) were made a few weeks ago, around the same time the Stephanie posted about terrariums on 3191. Make these with your kids, they are so easy and fun, made even more exciting when they actually thrive and grow!

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