Tiny Felt Friends

Tiny Felt Friends
Tiny Felt Friends
For Emma’s 11th birthday this past November, I gave her a stack of felt in every color I could find, an assortment of beads, sequins, embroidery thread, and this book.
I think it was a hit!

Possibly Nailed

beaded snowflakes
It’s a familiar story, one you may have heard before…
Blog writer (me) has a busy week and doesn’t update blog.
Mom of blog writer mentions on the phone, in a rather accusing tone, that she’s noticed that said blog writer hasn’t updated her blog.
Suddenly, blog writer feels 12 all over again, runs to the computer, quickly pulling up typepad and frantically searching her brain for what she’s meant to write about all week but hasn’t.READ MORE

The Polymer Clay Cookbook

So, Emma, myself, and, pretty much every girl that comes into contact with it is freaking out over The Polymer Clay Cookbook. It is so crazy cute. We’ve had it for a couple of weeks and its been by Emma’s bed for nightly reading ever since (she has a so much homework these days, that’s when she gets her leisure reading in, poor girl). The allure of baking clay here at our house is strong. Emma has been playing with it since she was able to hold it in her hands, and over the years, her creations just get more elaborate and detailed. And now this book is taking it all to a whole new level.
We were looking for an easy craft activity for our Girl Scout meeting this week and I was totally inspired by this book. The girls are coming to us straight from classroom Halloween parties and will probably be pretty sugared up, but I am hoping they will love this. We’ll be setting up three tables (there will be about 10 girls). At each table, there will be supplies, directions, and a parent to guide them in making a piece of jewelry. The projects I chose were the candy corn earrings (or rings), a tiny cinnamon bun (scented with cinnamon and a mixture of school glue and white paint to create the icing), and a pink cupcake, both of which can be hung from a thin cord necklace I’ll have for each girl.
And because it is the responsibility of a good Girl Scout leader to be fully prepared, I felt the need to spend an afternoon testing out each craft and making samples before I let the girls try them.

chocolate cupcake with raspberry frosting and a cherry

my cinnamon roll with a head pin that’s ready to be twisted into a loop. And it smells like cinnamon.
I thought about keeping this book locked away until Emma’s birthday, then giving it to her with all new clay and supplies, but I just couldn’t wait. (I decided to give her this book instead, with a stack of felt and notions.)
I thought I would post more this week but it just didn’t happen that way. I will see you here on Monday though. Till then, happy weekend!


We did some agressive tidying and planting in the front yard over the weekend. We need to do so so much more, but time is short, so we take it in baby steps and try not to make ourselves crazy with the list of what remains undone. Lucky for us, there are many plants in our yard that are well established, like this epimedium, and really don’t need much from us. I love their heart-shaped leaves.READ MORE

Teacher Gifts

teacher gifts

Thanks so much for all the kind words on the checker set. If you’re thinking of making one, go for it  and include the kids on the felted rock making, they will love it, super easy. Be sure and check back in the comment section of that post, I answered some general questions that came up and linked to a tutorial on making the rocks.READ MORE

Homespun Checkers

The kids are getting older around here, which means the game playing is getting a little easier (fewer tears). I’ve had so much fun playing the classics with them lately. The other day, when felting my millionth rock, and wondering what to do with all all these felted rocks I’m accumulating (never mind that some would wonder what to do with even one felted rock)?? I had the idea come to me to make a checker set for the kids and I and, of course, the treehouse.READ MORE

Raingutter Regatta

Raingutter Regatta
We got back late last night early this morning from a lovely trip to a little island off the coast of Florida. Before I dip back into the cocktail of laundry and sorting that I’m enjoying today, I had to peek out and say hello (Hi!) and tell you about our Raingutter Regatta. Probably one of my favorite kid’s activity ideas ever!

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