Crocheted Disks

crochet doily
I am thoroughly enjoying the opportunity to revisit some of the projects from my first book, like these crocheted disks. It seems like every time I completed a book project, I immediately had to put it aside to move on to the next one. Just when I was super inspired to keep going!

Crochet Necklace DIY

crochet necklace diy



After a busy week of deadlines, topped off with replacing a laptop after mine died (the night before one of those big deadlines), I had a nice relaxing morning yesterday, crocheting these sweet little necklaces. Trust me when I say, these are quick and easy if you have crochet experience.
And fun! If you crochet a chain stitch and a slip stitch, you can make these. And if you’ve never done it, adding the beads is no sweat at all.



Granny Circle Squares

As many of these granny circle (or squares) as I have crocheted and I’ve never stuck to such a strict color palette. Fun change!



I’m not gonna lie, its been a weird week. Kinda good, I mean Fall! I love Fall… but kinda blah… maybe cause that rain they told us to expect never came. Maybe I just need more chocolate. I know I really need to get myself organized. If I do that over the weekend, next week will automatically start out better.READ MORE