More details about the Quilt As Desired Club!


I am so very grateful for the amazing response yesterday to my new membership! You guys know how to make a girl’s day!


I wanted to answer a few questions that came through in case others have them too.

  • How will you address making our studio space more inspiring? I have been in many studios over my years of making. Some inspiring and messy, some inspiring and empty, and many others in between. I believe its very important to have a space that we feel excited and good to be in, not one that feels like another room or spot to tidy and deep clean as soon as we walk in. I’ve got some great interviews as well as my own tips and tricks to give you some motivation and strategies to make your space your sanctuary.
  • How is the monthly content delivered? For the Estrela Block of the Month, new content is contained on my site like a blog post, with video and downloadable content for each new block available at the first of every month starting on October 1st, 2022. Members will receive an email from me to notify them there is new content for them inside the membership, and members can ask me questions on any block release by leaving a comment (sort of like we did in the early 2000’s with blogging). I will be notified and answer in the comment section.

I will be doing a q and a about all the perks of membership live on Instagram this Monday, 9/12 at 10:30 am MDT (convert to your time zone). I will be repeating the q and a live on YouTube at 11:30 am MDT. Join me on either of those, ask you questions and get an immediate answer from me, or watch the replays when its convenient for you.

I will be online and answering questions while telling you more about the membership and its benefits on Monday. Join me on Youtube or on IG using the links below.

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