Lone Star

Yellow Lone Star

Made with vintage sheets and a lot of patience. A Wes Anderson-inspired palette and feel.

Turquoise Trail

Turquoise Trail

Made with found 1950’s salesman sample swatches taken from swatch cards and overdyed wool from the thrift store. Inspired by the Tinkertown Museum on the Turquoise Trail in New Mexico.



One of the things I teach my students is that meaningful fabric doesn’t have to be old fabric that has a personal history for you. This quilt, from Wise Craft Quilts, is made with fabric treated to react like sun print paper. All images are things from our family, a haiku my son wrote in Kindergarten, drawings of our cat that my daughter made, sewing and quilting related things of mine, bike cogs belonging to my husband, etc.


Instructions to make this quilt are in my book Wise Craft Quilts.

Hammerhead Quilt


I explored the process of removing color from Liberty of London Tana Lawn fabrics to create this quilt. Each star is constructed of the same fabric; one half is full color, one half is with some of the color removed.

Make your own Hammerhead Quilt.

Flying Geese

Flying Geese

Exploring flying geese was what this quilt was all about.

Tipsy Log Cabin

Tipsy Log Cabin

To create this quilt, I limited myself to only using 2 of my scrap bins, the pink and the cream/white. I pulled randomly from each of those bins as I created this quilt. Vowing to enter my studio sewing instead of being on the computer, I completed a block each day until the full layout was completed. Inspired to do this by my friend Cheryl Arkinson and her concept of “morning make”.

Boro from Wise Craft Quilts


From Wise Craft Quilts Book. Inspired by the traditional Japanese practice of creating useable cloth from stitching rags together and adding patches to worn areas to strengthen them. The decorative, Sashiko-inspired stitching further strengthens the surface as well as adding a decorative element.

Exhibited at Quiltcon 2017, Pasadena, California.

De Dutch Quilt

De Dutch

Our family had just returned from a Spring Break to Vancouver, BC. When I finished this quilt, I asked my husband to help me name it. The combo of the hand appliquéd dutch tulips, the warm tones, and his cheeky mood, De Dutch was his response.

Hand appliquéd and hand quilted, as well as some machine free motion quilting.

Day of the Dead Quilt

Day of The Dead

The second I saw this Alexander Henry Day of the Dead Toile fabric, I had to make a quilt for Halloween. And I don’t even like Halloween all that much…

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