Black Cat Toby Embroidery Scissors


Homage to my studio assistant, Toby

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I’m gonna just say it… these black cat embroidery scissors do much more work in my studio than the lovable little creature they pay homage to, my cat Toby. He’s sitting right here beside me, and meowed in agreement.

Having fun embroidery scissors…

  • Means they are less likely to get lost
  • Make cutting threads WAY more interesting
  • Can be a great conversation starter “Oh! A black cat, I love black cats!” and soon you’re fast friends

These are metal, with a dull black finish. The blades are 3/8″ long, so feel free to tuck them in your project bag for the airplane.

Weight 1.69 oz
Dimensions 4 × 1.75 × .5 in

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