Chicken Scratch Sampler Quilt


A complete online class to learn the vintage craft of Chicken Scratch, block by block.

This on demand, Chicken Scratch embroidery sampler quilt class, teaches you ALL the basic stitches of Chicken Scratch embroidery. Each quilt block is stitched with a different chicken scratch embroidery pattern, for a total of 18 different patterns.

Each block has a downloadable PDF stitch/block pattern, a video lesson from Blair, discussing technique and a stitching demo.

At the end of the program, you have a beautiful, modern Chicken Scratch sampler quilt as well as a full library of chicken scratch stitch patterns, ready to use and customize for other projects.

Please note this is a online class. When you payment is processed, you will receive an email from me with all the information to login and get all the details. Please allow 24 hours after purchase.

Here’s What’s Included

  • PDF pattern(s) and stitch grid for each block of the quilt. In all, you will have 18 (yes 18!) different chicken scratch stitch patterns in your library, which you can use to stitch on all kinds of things!
  • Extensive video and written presentation of all techniques as they are introduced, as well as opportunities to post questions in the class forum.
  • Bonus month 13- Information on finishing your quilt, sewing the blocks together, sandwiching the layers, ideas for quilting, and binding it all up

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