Complete Quilt Design Planner Supplemental Video


By combining this instructional video with the Complete Quilt Design Planner pattern booklet, its like you and I are having a private lesson together!

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Sometimes you just need to SEE how to make something, rather than just reading how to do it. Combine this video, and your copy of the Complete Quilt Design Planner Pattern. I’ll walk you through all the steps of how to make this pattern work its magic for you!


*Please note, you will not have all the information to make this quilt from this video, you will also need a copy of the pattern (in printed or PDF form, sold separately.


Share your version of this quilt and find inspiration from others using hashtag #wisecraftcompletequiltdesignplanner.


*Look for a video link and password as soon as your payment is successfully processed. Please do not share this information with others. Instead, encourage them to purchase their own access and support independent designers like me.