Washable Mending Transfers- Whimsical Visible Stitch Patterns


Stick. Stitch. Rinse!

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Adding visible mending touches to your worn garments has never been easier! A package of 4 different visible mending stitch designs. Stick the adhesive backed sheet printed with the stitch pattern directly on the cloth, where you want to stitch. Stitch the pattern through the sheet and the fabric with thread of your choice. When you’re done, you can magically dissolve the sheet by rinsing the area in cool water. You’re left with just your beautiful stitch pattern.

Its like magic! I used these on a jean jacket I have been stitching all over and just had to introduce them to you all. They are wonderful. Designed by Erin Eggenburg of Wren Bird Arts.

Package contains-

1 adhesive-back sheet each of 4 stitch designs.

Each stitch area measures 4″ x 5″

See images for a visual of how these transfers work.

Weight 1 oz
Dimensions 6 × 5 × .25 in

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