Blair gets it. Cloth and creating can be fraught with 'but I don’t want to ruin it!' but with her experience and guidance, fears step aside and you’re left with accomplishments- and friends!


*Please note that until further notice, due to COVID I am offering workshops and lectures virtually.*

Its a very digital world out there!

Take some time to get back to some basics and make something.


I love sharing the joy and sense of accomplishment patchwork can offer those of us willing to explore it.


Through my background career in the apparel design industry, as well as my current quilt making practice, I have developed techniques that I love sharing through workshops and trunk shows. I believe in letting the process of discovery take us in new directions. I also believe in encouraging us all to use what we have, to add our own chapter to a special fabric’s story.


Learn to cut into those treasured pieces and beloved scraps with confidence.


Inquiries about lectures and workshops are welcome.

If you have something specific in mind, please feel free to email me at [email protected].

Download a list of workshops and lectures I currently offer.

I am a certified Aurifilosopher

I use Aurifil thread for all my quilts and embroidery work. It’s wonderful thread! Would you like know how thread quality can improve your quilts and other sewing? I am a trained and certified Aurifilosophy educator, and I offer a fully structured Aurifil presentation and thread demonstration. In my session, I will cover thread basics, including information on weight and ply, spool positioning, needle recommendations, and tension settings. As well, I share lots of helpful tips and tricks, project samples and photos aimed to inspire and expand your use of Aurifil threads, and will gift each program attendee with a bag of exclusive Aurifil swag! Email me for more information on this lecture.


If I look back to the class I took I think I appreciated Blair's enthusiasm the most. She was very encouraging and did a great job at explaining things to help us novices with our quilts.

Download a list of Blair's current lectures and workshops
2020- 2021 SCHEDULE


QuiltCon Together- February 18-22nd

San Francisco Modern Quilt Guild Lecture- April 20

Vancouver Modern Quilt Guild Workshop- September 18th

Gulf Coast Modern Quilt Guild Lecture and Workshop- October 9-10


Macomb County Quilt Guild- April 4


If you are interested in having me teach a class at your shop or to your guild, please send me an email at [email protected] with Workshop Request in the subject line.

Great instruction, works for all levels - some aspect will be new for everyone, Blair is responsive to questions, lots of info is presented, helpful videos.
This class really took my sewing skills from basic to more intermediate. There were some things I needed to see to understand. Also, I love that as someone who works full time and struggles to find the time to participate in local quilting guilds, I could take these classes when my schedule allowed. Blair, you are a gift! Thank you.

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