Planning to Make Your Own Holiday Gifts? Our Baggu Bags are Back in Stock!

Baggu Duck Bag with Stitching


Are You Planning to Create Your Own Holiday Gifts?

The holiday season is upon us, and one of our favorite traditions is crafting homemade gifts. Some years, we go all out with a slew of DIY presents, while in others, we might make just a handful. Regardless, we always find joy in scouring the internet for creative gift ideas, whether we’re crafting for the current year or brainstorming for future celebrations.

Last year, Blair had a few of these charming natural cotton duck bags by Baggu available in the shop. She couldn’t resist sharing them because, well, she has one herself, and she absolutely adores it. These bags are not only spacious but also incredibly versatile, capable of holding a surprising amount of goodies. What’s more, they make the perfect “canvas” for a bit of chicken scratch embroidery.

Blair decided to take her Baggu bag and give it a personal touch with an easy embroidery pattern template that she created (you can see it above). She stitched this delightful design across the top, instantly transforming the bag into a unique, one-of-a-kind piece. But here’s the beauty of it – you can embellish these bags even further, and the more you add, the better they become!

Recently, we managed to restock a limited number of these bags in the shop. Blair spotted them back in stock just a few weeks ago and wasted no time securing a few for you. When you order one of these bags, we will include the embroidery template PDF as well. You can download it right away and start stitching as soon as your bag arrives. There’s plenty of time to add your personal touch, whether you’re crafting it for yourself or as a special gift for someone on your list. 🎁 (By the way, I hear all the cool kids are carrying them…)

So, are you up for a little DIY holiday magic this year? Why not create something truly special with these Baggu bags and bring a smile to someone’s face with your unique, handcrafted gift? Happy crafting!


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