Studio Tour Part 1


I’m very excited to finally bring you a photo tour of my studio! I’ve been asked many times to do a full reveal and its been on my to do list for so long! Construction was completed last Fall, but its taken me a while to really get it as functional as I need it to be. That, coupled with all of the many deadlines that were delayed because I was waiting for it to be finished, and I truly hit the ground running in here back in October of 2021.READ MORE

That time I snuck away from Quiltcon between workshops and went antique shopping


While at Quiltcon in Phoenix back in February, I took advantage of a large chunk of free time between teaching workshops one day to go antique shopping. And I knew someone to ask for recommendations. My friend Bari lived in Phoenix for years and as I suspected, she led me to the perfect spots. I walked into Modern Manor and immediately looked up high on the ceiling to see a large needlepoint piece hanging.

Was that Vincent Van Gogh “Irises”?

In needlepoint?




The frame it came in was pretty beat up, but I immediately knew I wanted it. I love how massive it is for a needlepoint piece, 21″ wide by 26″ long. Can you even imagine how many hours it must have taken?! The pride the maker must have felt hanging it? I had it reframed with a simple black frame and no glass. The yarn seems synthetic, which is great because I have found there’s less fading with synthetic yarn, it just holds its dye better.

I knew right away where it would hang. Just outside the bathroom in our newly finished addition. Our New Mexico house very much encompasses a mix of modern and vintage, and I really love having pieces like this, mixed with the vintage crock that the potted fig is in, in a more modern interior. I have never had so much fun decorating a house before. I think I’ve finally found my style!

And I love how my new “Vincent Van Faux” picks up the yellow from goldfinch right around the corner from it, made by local artist Geoffrey Gorman. Geoffrey uses all kinds of found materials to make his sculptures and I really love his work so much!


You can see a progression of the building of the addition onto our New Mexico home- plus the building of my studio, in the story highlight “Studio Build” over on Instagram.


Join us on FB tomorrow 5/26/22

Mindful Making Quiltfolk FB Live


I hope you will join myself, Jenni Smith, and and Kay Walsh tomorrow, 5/29 over on Facebook. We will be live on the Quiltfolk Facebook page talking about our upcoming workshop, Mindful Making in New Mexico. I had so much fun when Jenni and Kay visited me here in my New Mexico studio, and am so proud of the workshop we put together. We’ll share a peek at the finished project we’ll be making in the workshop, likely “geeking out” over our love of chicken scratch embroidery, and will answer any questions you have. Tune in, makes no difference if you have signed up for the workshop or not!READ MORE

New Pre-Treated Cyanotype Fabric Squares In the Shop

“Cyanotype” from Wise Craft Quilts is filled with poems, sketches, and other mementos from my kids.


When I wrote Wise Craft Quilts, I was interested in creating a book that had all kinds of quilts that had some sort of meaningful element to them. Quilts with fabric that has meaning is certainly important to my work, but what if you have memories you want to preserve in a quilt, but no meaningful fabric tied to those memories to use?READ MORE

Mindful Making in New Mexico with Quiltfolk


I am excited to share with you all about one of the big projects I’ve been working on. Quiltfolk spent some time at my house a couple of months ago and together we created a truly unique online workshop experience!READ MORE

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