Ruby Ambassador Timna Tarr


Today I am excited to launch a brand new series that I have been working on for a couple of months. I have partnered up with a group of amazingly talented artisans, quilters, embroiderers, and sewists to launch the Ruby Ambassador series. I’m kicking off this series with one of my favorite quilting artists- Timna Tarr!


Not all “light” colored fabrics are light values


I am currently making a basic thousand pyramid quilt design for our bed, and cutting lots of ” equilateral triangles. I plan to pull all of the lighter fabrics from my stash to build this design. A king sized bed takes up lots of visual room in any bedroom and I don’t want this to be an overwhelming presence. So nothing crazy. Plus, if I use all my light colored fabrics in my stash, I will have the perfect excuse to buy more, right?


When building a scrappy quilt design using the power of color value, as I plan to do, understanding that not all light colored fabrics are light in value can take your quilt to new levels. (This also applies to dark fabrics too.) Let me explain what I mean.


New #wisecraftfoundandforaged pincushions added to the shop tomorrow


Oh my! Handstitching, how I’ve missed you!


The early part of 2019 was spent being sick, Konmari’ing, and finishing up deadlines in between. I just didn’t have energy in the evenings to do any stitching at all. Once bigger projects were done, I was really happy to be able to settle into some new handwork and finish off a batch of Wise Craft Found and Foraged Pincushions.