A quilt of Lill’s clothes, and how to execute a commission quilt project

A commission quilt of Lill’s clothing, made using my Stepping Stones pattern.


Just before the holiday season, I finished a memory quilt. This one was for a lovely new friend who lost her mom, Lillian, to cancer about 2 years ago. As you may notice, Lill, as her friend’s called her, was a fan of color and wore very happy clothing. I have a strong feeling I would like her very much!READ MORE

Gloria Vanderbilt’s quilt decor

Did you know that Gloria Vanderbilt’s homes throughout the years had rather bold decorating statements? As in, they were covered with quilts?



I went down a rather deep rabbit hole the other day, looking at the way she adorned walls, fireplaces, tables, chairs, bedrooms, and floors with quilts.READ MORE