Chicken Scratch Embroidery 101: My preferred gingham fabric

Chicken Scratch embroidery has been around for many many years. If you aren’t sure what I’m talking about, it is a simple series of embroidery stitches that are stitched exclusively on gingham fabric, using the grid of the gingham pattern itself to stitch the design. The finished pattern, which is a lot like traditional cross stitch, enhances the gingham fabric in a pretty way, and is a technique often used to embellish gingham aprons, clothing, curtains, etc. You may have seen vintage gingham aprons with this sort of stitching on them. Each country seems to have their own version of this simple stitching technique, as well as their own name for it- Amish lace, snowflake embroidery, Broderie Suisse, Australian cross stitch, depression lace, etc.


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