New Handmade Pincushions- Found & Foraged Collection

Porcelain handmade pincushion

I’ve had busy hands and I’m so thankful for all these little hand stitches!


I just listed a brand new batch of handmade pincushions in the shop. (Please pardon the rough look of my hands and nails, this extra handwashing is brutal!)


Handmade Pincushion


This the 3rd release of the collaborative project between Seattle-based potter Kristen Ballou and I, and the first batch completed in her very own kiln! Each of these is completely handmade and its what I love most about them. They literally would not exist if we hadn’t decided over coffee one day that we wanted to work on something together! Click here to take a look!




Handmade PincushionHandmade PincushionPretty Pincushion


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