Liberty Value Quilt- #myquiltcouldlivehere


I haven’t made a new #myquiltcouldlivehere collage in a while. Yesterday I started a new online course on Interior Design (for fun, I’m not going to be an interior designer). I guess it inspired me to make a new one!



#myquiltcouldlivehere- Pheasant

When I was in the testing and filming phase of Dream, Learn, Quilt!, I made a quilt with very specific goal in mind. I wanted to test out the concepts from the class- make sure everything was well-covered and understandable, with visual, video, downloads, etc- plus it gave me the perfect excuse to make another quilt! READ MORE

#myquiltcouldlivehere- Interwoven

Where would my own Interwoven Quilt live? At least in its original, colorful, happy form, I’m thinking below. I knew that there was a nod to the look and feel of Gilmore Girls in Denyse’s original inspiration, and even though I’ve never seen GG (one day, I’ll binge it, I promise!), when I did a little research online I could definitely see the connection. That green! This collage was challenging, it took longer than I anticipated, but the finished image might be a new favorite!READ MORE

#myquiltcouldlivehere- Willy Loman Quilt

When I feel creatively stuck it really helps me to look back at the quilts I’ve made and create a #myquiltcouldlive here collage with them. A bit like revisiting an old friend, spending some time with these quilts reminds me of when I formed the initial idea in my head or when I worked through a design problem that I was feeling challenged by when making it. I believe every quilt we make, even the ones we really don’t like, teaches us something.

Boro Quilt- #myquiltcouldlivehere

Boro Quilt from Wise Craft Quilts

Photo by Stephanie Congdon Barnes of 3191 Miles Apart

While writing my book, I knew I wanted to include a project that was not traditional- meaning, in the sense that a traditional quilt has a top, quilt batting in the middle, and a backing. I wanted something lighter weight, a coverlet or lightweight throw. That’s really where the idea began for the Boro quilt. There is only a layer of muslin in between the top and the back, no batting. Making it the perfect lightweight cover for summer, and the perfect project to take with you to stitch on. READ MORE

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