#myquiltcouldlivehere- Starflake

I did a collage of where the new Starflake quilt could live almost as soon as it was done.
This one was tough for some reason.

I’m guess it was because I couldn’t decide whether I liked the lighter volume areas, or the darker volume areas. They each certainly have their place. The story they all tell is very lively and playful, yet kind of calming. Mainly because all those lighter volume fabrics become sort of “white space” in this design, even though they have lots of different patterns. (I would LOVE to see someone make this quilt and reverse the dark and light value areas!)
I really loved playing with the little pink area in the top left of the quilt, and that was really what helped me design the collage. This quilt would be quite at home in a space that knows the power of a spot of bright color in certain places.

From top right- Embroidered flowers :: Embroidered Painting :: Paint-splattered/embroidered pantsuit :: Felt Flowers :: Ivy Trellis :: Mantle :: Starflake Quilt Pattern


The Starflake quilt pattern is available printed and as a PDF.

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