New YouTube video up! A peek at some of my vintage sewing notions

I am often asked about my collection of vintage sewing notions when people stop by my studio, so I thought I would start a little video series to document all of my favorite ones. Most of my collection came from either eBay or antique shopping (I have found some amazing pieces in local antique shops).

These days I try really hard to resist impulse shopping because we have downsized so much. Its helped me to have some questions in my mind to ask myself whenever I see a vintage sewing notion that I think I can’t live without…

  • Would it get damaged by the intense sunshine in my studio?
  • What about it do I find inspiring?
  • Would it be enough to just take a photo of it? (Many times it is!)


What about you? Do you have some vintage sewing notions that serve as inspiration to you in your creative space? I would love to hear about them!

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Quiltcon 2024 Recap- Part 1

Hello! I hope you are well!


I made a very quick trip to Raleigh, North Carolina recently, to attend Quiltcon 2024, put on by The Modern Quilt Guild. I also was able to slip in some family time with my brother and his family (I grew up about 1 1/2 hours outside of Raleigh). at Quiltcons past, I have taught workshops and stayed highly scheduled, but this time around I went purely as an attendee, so I had the chance to walk the show, see the quilts, and catch up with people in person instead of through the computer screen! It was wonderful!READ MORE

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