#myquiltcouldlivehere- Liberty Spikes

Liberty Spikes Quilt

When I am one of those creative stops- in between projects or not sure what to do next- creating a new collage for #myquiltcouldlivehere always gets me re-inspired.

Liberty Spikes was one of those quilts that resulted from me needing a project to sew. In the midst of other deadlines, I kept it set up and at the ready, by my machine. So I could work on it a little bit here and there. You see, during different phases of my work, I’ve learned an important lesson. Sometimes I just need to sew for the sake of sewing. Not to break it down and write it out, and figure this or that. Just sew.

This quilt was Foundation Paper Pieced. A piecing method I highly recommend as a good “set up and jump in when you can” type of sewing. Sessoms was another example of one of these projects. Pick a pattern, decide on fabrics, precut, and have it all set up close to the sewing machine. Sew a few blocks in the morning, or when there’s a few minutes. (I keep mine in a tray similar to this. It keeps it all together and I can move it when I need to.)

Now that I think of it, I never made a pattern of this one. Should I?

#myquiltcouldlivehere Liberty Spikes Quilt

From top right- Red Sash :: Liberty Spikes quilt :: Floral/blue chair :: Red sofa/bluewall :: Liberty of London Ciara :: Red and blue kitchen:: Blue chest of drawers :: Pomegranite

The Liberty of London tana lawn print used in this quilt is my all time favorite fabric these days. I actually get anxious when I don’t have at least a little in my stash. Using Rit Color Remover, I played around with removing the color on part of the yardage. This gave me several different variations of the same print to use in this quilt. (I am working on online class all about color altering/removal. If you’d like to know when its available, make sure you’re on the list.) The fabric was picked from and used randomly in each of the full blocks. This created a faded effect in some of the blocks. The color of the print changes as the spikes go around the center circle.

Someone at a lecture I gave recently winked at me and called me naughty for removing color from a Liberty of London fabric. Which made me want to do more!

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