Introducing the Ruby Minder™

The Ruby Ruler™ is now just over a year old. Hard for me to believe! I had so much fun creating that product and getting it to market. There’s is a huge amount of satisfaction around thinking of “hey, what if…”, seemingly kooky idea (at first), and actually making it happen. Ruby Rulers have now shipped all over the world and I’ve now restocked 4 times!

Late last year, I once again recognized that familiar itch to design a new product creeping in. I was stitching a new version of the Boro quilt from Wise Craft Quilts for the live stitching sessions of #wisecraftstitchalong in my Facebook Group.

Boro Wall Hanging from our most recent #wisecraftstitchalong.

A quilt of this type, an improvisational one, relies on color value more than you might think. In order to define the shapes and forms within the composition, you need contrast and flow from one area to the next. If the colors and values used are too many, or too similar, the result can a scattered look that has no real cohesion. Its important to evaluate this type of patchwork constantly during construction.

But don’t assume that value differences are only important in the fabrics you use. Hand stitched details, embroidery thread colors and values will all need consideration as well. For example:

  • Can you enhanced some areas with hand stitched details? Some sashiko patterns? You would want to choose a color and value of thread to show up a bit more for areas like these.
  • Hand or machine quilting details important to see? Value plays a role here too.

So, I began dreaming up a new value viewfinder tool. This one I wanted to stash in my sewing bag. What about a thread minder? One that could also keep my thread organized?

The Wise Craft Ruby Minder
Introducing the Ruby Minder™!

And the Ruby Minder™ was born!

The Wise Craft Ruby Minder
Holds up to 12 thread colors

It will serve double duty in your sewing bag. First, it will keep your embroidery threads safe and tangle-free. But it will also be ready and able to help train your eye to understand how dark and light color value is working in your composition. Whether it be patchwork, embroidery, or appliqué.

I have some fun things planned for my newest tool, be sure you are on my email list to be the first to know!

In the meantime, grab your own Ruby Minder™ here!

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