Ruby Ruler™


The quilting/measuring/artist’s viewfinder tool that helps you reimagine your fabric stash!

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Squinting at a quilt layout on your design wall can help you see the different values. But let’s face it, squinting causes wrinkles!


We’ve all got fabric to use, just waiting for the perfect project. Its time to use them! If you’re wondering where to start, how to make sense of all those prints and colors to create a cohesive quilt pattern or layout, look no further. The Ruby Ruler™ and its rosy red tint acts like Rubylith film, something that artists and photographers have relied on for centuries to help them see the different values in their work.


(Note- Quilter’s are artists too!).


The Ruby Ruler will allow you to look quickly look at value differences every step of the quilt making process. From shopping for fabrics, pulling from your stash, all the way to you quilt layout. Put all your fabrics out on the table, look at them by holding the Ruby Ruler™ in front of your eyes, and divide them up between dark and light values (or more). Use the different values to create amazingly cohesive scrappy quilts that have what I refer to as “quilt sparkle”.


The Ruby Ruler™ can also be used to square and trim up your pieced units to 5″ and smaller, so you can easily cut yardage or scraps to combine them with 5″ pre-cuts.


As a bonus, the color of the ruler makes it EASY to find in your sewing space!


Read more about The Ruby Ruler™.


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