Ruby Minder™


My newest sewing tool! An embroidery thread minder, and a ruby-hued artist’s viewfinder tool.

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The newest Ruby-tinted product to reimagine the color values in your work!


The Ruby Minder™ and its rosy red tint acts shows you the value differences in your quilts. As a lover of colorful quilts and hand-embroidered details, I often play with color value in my work. Embroidery thread color and appliquéd details can add lots of visual dimension. Its easy to see strong light and dark color value differences, but looking through the Ruby Minder™ can show you more subtle value differences. Using these differences can add lots of sparkle to your work and create beautiful dimension.


Place your fabrics and thread choices together on the table. Now look at them by holding the Ruby Minder™ in front of your eyes. You will see dark and light color variations that you don’t always see with just the naked eye alone. Use the different values to create cohesive embroidery pieces by making more intentional choices about how to place your threads.


The Ruby Minder™ can also be used to hold (or “mind”) up to 12 different thread colors and keep them ready to be used in your project.


For stitching on the go, turn it into a necklace you can throw around your neck!


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Weight 1 oz
Dimensions 5.5 × 4.5 × .325 in

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