How to use your batting scraps- Q(uilting) & A Thursday

Quilt Batting Scraps


Hope everyone is having a decent week. This week’s Q(uilting) & A video is all about my favorite way to use and combine my quilt batting scraps.



Many of us are still under “stay at home” orders and lots of retail hasn’t fully opened back up yet. Which may mean you can’t get quilt batting when you need it. You know, the batting you need for all those quilts your finishing while you’re at home. I wanted to share my favorite way to combine scraps of batting to make a piece large enough to use in our quilts.


As I mention in the video, I have seen batting combined for this use in many ways. This one, using this batting tape, is the easiest for me and the most “invisible” way I have found. If the batting edges overlap, you can be left with a visible bump that shows on the quilt. I’ll share a little trick to making sure that doesn’t happen.




Use your batting scraps

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