Scissors I love for quilting- new video!

scissors for quilting


I learned years ago that having scissors that cut exactly when and how you need them to is a truly beautiful thing.

When I was growing up my mom had a pair of silver scissors that were “the scissors” we used for anything important. I’m thinking mainly about that little bit of hair that never sat right after a new haircut. Threads on clothing. They may have been used as a screwdriver more than once.

I know she still has them. I’m sure it was because I was little, but those scissors always seemed magically sharp.

Long ago, I decided if the scissor game in my studio was strong, it made everything that much better. It was the one thing I didn’t want to worry about, having sharp scissors. My family knows that my scissors are not to be messed with. And to keep that from ever being a temptation, I keep them all in their own drawer, away from everyone and everybody.

I buy scissors with differently-shaped handles so that I can almost grab what I need from my drawer without looking down. I like knowing that my old brain can still function that way. (Its the little things, right?)

In this week’s Q(uilting) & Answer video, I go through each of these scissors and the features I like about them. I would love to hear if you have scissors you love and why.


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