How to prep knits for a t-shirt quilt- Q(uilting) & A Thursday

T-shirt quilt


I’m back this week with a new Q(uilting) & Answer video! And this week its about how to get knits and t-shirts ready to use in those classic t-shirt quilts. You know the ones everybody wants to make with their high school/college t-shirts, or the baby’s clothes?



I once had someone tell me that they “only want to make a t-shirt quilt, I don’t want to learn to quilt”.




T-shirt quilts are challenging. The idea of one sounds cozy and comfy, but honestly, wrestling stretchy knit fabrics into a nicely made patchwork quilt isn’t the easiest or most fun way to make a quilt. But it can definitely be done. But for anyone wanting to make their first quilt, I wouldn’t recommend a t-shirt quilt for that.


However, if you are familiar with your sewing machine, and are willing to spend a few extra minutes of time prepping your t-shirts (or baby clothes), you can make a beautiful t-shirt quilt, or baby clothes quilt. In this week’s video, I walk you through how I cut up a knit shirt (cut away seams, etc) and how to prep it to use in a quilt. I iron fusible interfacing to the back of every single piece of knit I use in a quilt. It removes the stretch factory and makes the fabric basically a dream to work with.


I’ve made many t-shirt quilts and quilts of baby clothes and this method has never failed me.

Baby Clothes Quilt from Wise Craft Quilts

“Baby” from Wise Craft Quilts book


T-shirt Quilt

Sasquatch Festival Quilt

Commission quilt made for the founder of the Sasquatch Music Festival

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