How to Square Up Your Quilt- New Q(uilting) & A video

how to square up a quilt


First of all, the COVID hair is real. If nothing else proves that I am social distancing, my no makeup, untamed brows, and wild hair is my daily look. (I’ve got haircutting supplies on the way!)


This week’s Q(uilting) & Answer video is about how to square up your quilt. This part is often skimmed over. There’s an assumption made that at some point,. That someone has shown you the importance of this, and therefore you know what to do.


But so many newer quilters don’t understand this part. Its just another intimidating step in the many steps to making a quilt AFTER they have successfully finished their quilt tops.


I had someone email in a panic last week. Making a quilt from my book, they emailed to ask why their backing and batting was bigger than their quilt top? And did they do something wrong?


Let me demonstrate this for you, at least how I do it. Because its worth knowing. This step happens because if you make your batting and backing quilt layers about 4″ bigger than the quilt top (like you should), you will need to trim all sides of the quilt even and flush before you sew on binding.


Follow along in the video and I will show how I do this step. Its not crazy, you should just use the biggest ruler you have, and pay attention to right angled corners and lining up as many seams on the quilt top as you can. Hope it helps!

how to square up a quilt

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