A 2024 Temperature quilt

Wiltshire Fabric B
Hello! I hope you are enjoying a peaceful and happy holiday season. I am writing this during that magical week between Christmas Day and New Years. It’s one of my favorite times of the year. New beginnings and a new year ahead are so exciting to me (although I admittedly am not looking forward to the political season ahead 🤦🏻‍♀️.). Yes, I’m one of those people who make New Year’s resolutions. I’m also one of those people who don’t always keep them. The older I get, the more realistic I am about what exactly is possible, and I will say that helps my success rate.READ MORE

Your Rojas Quilts

Rojas Quilt

Its been a particularly stressful holiday season for our family, but one thing that has brought a smile to my face when I hop on social medial are all the Rojas Quilts that are popping up!


Liberty Value Quilt- #myquiltcouldlivehere


I haven’t made a new #myquiltcouldlivehere collage in a while. Yesterday I started a new online course on Interior Design (for fun, I’m not going to be an interior designer). I guess it inspired me to make a new one!



Exploring Kantha Stitching


Oh what a weird week…


I have only left the house to run 2 short errands since last Wednesday night, and will continue to stay put. The other day, when I pulled up at the print shop I use, to pick up my order, it was handed to me through the car window, wearing gloves. Truly a strange alternate reality right now.READ MORE

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