Echo Star in Country Living Magazine


This month (Jan/Feb 2021), you can find a small mention of me and my Echo Star quilt in Country Living Magazine!

Echo Star in Country Living


Remember print magazines? They are still around! And there’s a wonderful multi-page article inside the pages of this issue of Country Living. I am humbled to be mentioned along with Latifa Saafir and Laura Preston.


A few months ago, and editor contacted me, and I sent them four different quilt images at their request. I wasn’t sure what the feature was, how they planned to use the photos, etc. I was happy to see they chose to feature the Echo Star quilt. I love this quilt, and still think often about making a new version. It was really one of the first quilt designs I made to experiment with using solid fabrics in a value-based way.


You can purchase the Echo Star Quilt pattern (as either print or PDF), which comes with a companion video how-to, right away and start making your own.

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