Your Rojas Quilts

Rojas Quilt

Its been a particularly stressful holiday season for our family, but one thing that has brought a smile to my face when I hop on social medial are all the Rojas Quilts that are popping up!

Rojas Quilts from IG

Clockwise from top right-

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The Rojas Quilt pattern is really the ultimate scrap buster pattern, with very little waste (I am pretty proud of that part of it). The more scraps you use for it, the more fun the final quilt will be. Inside the pattern, I tell you how to separate your scraps into 3 value groups- light, medium, and dark. If this is something that intrigues you as a concept- value quilting- I have an entire online class to help you better understand how to use the power of color value in your own quilting. Access as soon as you purchase, and own forever! And, of course I invented the ultimate FUN color value viewing tool, the Ruby Ruler™.


online quilt class


Thank you to all who have made and posted their Rojas quilts. It is truly one of my favorite patterns and I’m so glad you like it too! You can purchase the Rojas pattern in my shop!

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