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Sew Fine Thread Gloss Hygge

Hygge Scent


A few months ago, in what seems like previous life, I began working with Sew Fine Thread Gloss to create 3 scents of thread conditioner. I’m very excited to finally launch these scents today!


I started using thread conditioner of any kind a couple of years ago. I used beeswax and really liked the way it coated the thread. Many swear by the Thread Heaven product that is no longer produced. If you are a hand stitcher, you may already understand the benefit of using a thread conditioner. Our threads tangle and knot while we’re sewing. I learned when I began using beeswax that couple of swipes through this or a thread conditioner will coat the thread and make it much easier to stitch with. It can become almost second nature to add this to your process of threading up a new length of thread.


Sew Fine Thread Conditioners work the same way. With one unique bonus, that they are scented. Running your thread through them releases a very light scent. It’s such a lovely bonus! I don’t know about you, but nice scents in the air around me can do so much for my mood. While we have been under a stay at home order here in Seattle, my daughter and I have both been testing out the 3 thread conditioners I’ve created. These scents really came at the perfect time for me! And has added to the whole experience of how calming hand stitching is for me.


I looked to my home in the Pacific Northwest for scent inspiration. I thought about the things I love about being here- my family, friends, and the rain (definitely the rain, believe it or not!). It was so much fun to create these 3 scents!


The first scent, Hygge, pictured above (pronounced “hoo-guh”) is a Danish term for coziness and contentment. I am captivated by the meaning and sentiment behind hygge. Its a feeling that can be created and enhanced with our favorite creature comforts around us- our favorite candles, quilts, people, etc. To capture a feeling of hygge, I wanted a soft, welcoming scent that represents feelings of home. I wasn’t sure what that actually would smell like, but with some trial and error, this one seemed to nail it for me.  The scent combination is a warm pear with hints of dragonfruit, which is a fruit seen much more frequently in Asia. Coincidentally, one of my daughters favorite fruits.



Sew Fine Thread Gloss

Rainfall Scent


Rainfall is a cool, clean blend of evergreens and fir. Exactly what my neighborhood smells like after a rain shower. Or during a misty, drippy day. The kind where the air feels so fresh, and the greenery seems to glow. This one is an instant mood lifter for me.



Sew Fine Thread Gloss

Earl Grey Scent


And last but not least, Earl Grey. My daughter loves this one so much, she promptly took the little pot and has been using it while embroidering a jean jacket during our stay at home time. It’s a comforting, delicate blend of bergamot orange oil and black tea. Pleasantly waking me up in a soothing way. Likely because I associate it directly with the tea its inspired by.



Sew Fine Thread Gloss


Each beeswax-based pot of thread conditioner is sized perfectly to carry with you. When you cut a length of thread you will hand sew with, open the pot, and lightly pressing the thread onto the top of the conditioner while pulling the thread with your other hand will lightly coat the thread, while adding a light scent in the air. Two pulls are usually perfect, then I also run my fingers along the thread a few times (I usually hear a “squeak” which means the thread is coated). From there, sew like you always do, only with less knots and tangles. At Quilt Con, I was also told by a user of Sew Fine Thread Gloss that you can pull about 1″ the cut tip to help aid in threading it through your needle.

Using thread conditioner makes a big difference in my work. I have used it for needleturn appliqué, embroidery with many different types of threads, for sewing on quilt binding, etc. It gives a bit of body and stability to my thread, and the best part is no knotting and tangling!




All three scents are now available in the shop while they are in stock.

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