Quiltcon Together 2021

Quiltcon Together


More Quiltcon for everyone next year, you say? Yes please!


In case you haven’t heard, the annual Quiltcon event will be completely online in February 2021 as Quiltcon Together. I applaud them for making the decision to go virtual early on in the scheduling process. It completely takes away the pros and cons that would otherwise run through the our minds up until the very minute we had to get on the plane.


Plus, now its available to even more quilters throughout the world! Its a unique opportunity to “attend” workshops and lectures from some of your favorite quilters from the convenience of your own home studio! Sew on your own machine, don’t worry you forgot something for your workshop, or didn’t pack something you’d really like to have used. It’ll all be there for you!


Registration for #quiltcontogether opens tomorrow (7/15) for Modern Quilt Guild Members (10:00 am EST US time). Download the complete catalog or view an interactive catalog of all the offerings, and plan what you will take so you’re all set when registration opens. And don’t forget to enter your quilt for the virtual quilt show!


Quiltcon Together


This will be my second year teaching at Quiltcon and I’m excited to meet you all! Here’s a list of what I’m teaching-


Thursday, February 18th, I will be lecturing all about scrappy!


Join me on to learn my tips and tricks for designing with and understanding color value in this 3 hour mini workshop-

quiltcon together scrappy modern quilt



And I’m very excited to teach an all-day mega workshop on Boro-inspired hand stitching-


Each of these workshops are pre-recorded, with a live q and a session, so any questions you have you will be able to ask and I will answer. Both are going to be super fun!


All the information on registering for your workshops, how to “attend” all the events are in the catalog. Be sure and read up before registration so its clear (it took me a few times, but I think I’ve got COVID brain)


I can’t wait to stitch with you all! Thank you so much for attending my workshops and supporting my work!

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