New Mexico Sun and Sky

One of the questions I have been asked more than once since I moved to New Mexico is how or if I think the local landscape will change my work. It’s honestly a very fair question. READ MORE

Why Should Our Best Only Be on Instagram?

Rojas Quilt Pattern, photo by Cate Dingley


One of the reasons I wanted to start blogging again was a simple, but also complex. I was observing something online. Scrolling through Instagram, I was finding people whose work I liked a lot. I’d click on their profile to go to their website, only to find that it often said “coming soon” or that it was very outdated. Old blog posts, online shops that didn’t resemble what they were showing on Instagram in the least, nowhere to sign up for an email list. READ MORE

New blank cards in the shop!

Assorted blank card set

We could all use incentive to give and receive some happy mail!

New in the shop are beautiful blank inside cards from artist Neicy Frey, in Spokane, Washington. I have some pieces of Neicy’s work in our home, I’m a huge fan! When I saw that she was now carrying cards, I loved the idea of having my favorites in the shop.


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