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It’s been a while, how about a giveaway?


Some of you that follow me (especially over on Instagram) may know that my husband, and 2 adult children, went to Tokyo in April of this year. (You can watch the highlight reels from our trip here.) To say it was the trip of a lifetime is no exaggeration! Traveling with my kids as adults added an element of ease for my husband and I. They know what they are doing (at times better than we did.)


And honestly? It was just FUN!

We did a lot of things together, but my kids were able to do things on their own that Peter and I had no interest in doing.


Like, one day they went to the Capybara Cafe and we went FABRIC SHOPPING!


Nappori, the fabric area in Tokyo, was just full of all kinds of fun fabrics, trims, and crafting supplies. I had gotten a map from a member of the Quilt As Desired Club (thank you Mary!) and it was super easy to navigate all the shops once we were there!


I was excitedly looking through the shelves and putting all sorts of fun things in my basket. Which leads me to the reason for this post! A giveaway!


I will select one winner from my email list and send you everything in the photo above. Only people on my email list are eligible.


To be eligible to win-

Be sure you are signed up for my newsletter, called The Batch.


And that’s it!


I will announce the winner of the giveaway in the June 11th email!

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