How to Crochet a Granny Square with a Circle Center

Crochet pillow
Want to learn how to these crocheted granny squares with circular centers? Keep reading! I’m not even sure what the proper name is, but here is how I make them. Please let me know if you have questions by emailing me at [email protected] and I promise an answer as quickly as possible.

Crocheted Granny Square with a circle center

Crochet pillow
– 4 yarn colors. I almost always use Cascade 220, mainly because I love the way it knits and crochets up, its affordable wool yarn, and has a beautifull array of colors to choose from. Use what you prefer, adjusting your gauge and hook size as necessary.
– Size G/4 Crochet hook- I use Clover Soft Touch Crochet hook. I like these fairly tight, and I recently switched from a H/5 hook because I wanted them small and dense. You do what works for you.
bet– Between
ch– Chain
dc– Double Crochet
sl st– Slip Stitch
rnd– Round
To Make:
1. Using the color you chose for the very center, put the yarn on the hook using a slip knot. Ch 5
Sl st into first ch to form a circle-

Rnd 1

Ch 3 (counts as 1st dc), 11 dc into the circle. Here is how mine looks half way round.
Sl st into first ch to join (12).
crochet pillow

Rnd 2

Change to 2nd color. Ch 3 (as previously, counts as first dc) into space between previous row’s dc, then dc into same space. Like this-
crochet pillow
Continue doing 2 dc in each space, and sl st to join into a circle (24).
crochet pillow
Rnd 3-
Change to 3rd color. Ch 3 into one of the spaces between the dc sets in previous round-
crochet pillow
Make 2 dc into the same space, then proceed to make 3 dc in each space between the previous rounds dc sets. Sl st to join into a circle. (36) This is what yours should look like-
crochet pillow
Rnd 4-
Change to color 4 (you may want this to be the same color in all your squares).
Join with ch 3 in between one of the spaces between the 3 dc sets in the previous row. 2 dc into same space, then ch 1, like this-
crochet pillow
Dc 3 times into next space. Then ch 3 (you’re making your first corner)-
crochet pillow
*Dc 3 times into next space, ch 1. Dc 3 times into next space, ch 1. Dc 3 times into next space, ch 3.*
Repeat between * * twice more.
Dc 3 times into next space, ch 1 and sl st to join. Your finished granny square (with a circle center) should look like this-
crochet pillow
This version does come out a bit rounded, but as the grannies are joined they become more squared, like this-
crochet pillow
To join your grannies together, I point you to this video (not the greatest video, but it helped me learn and at least his nails weren’t long and bright like some of the others). I use the single crochet method he describes, and the “ridge” created is on the back of my work.
To make a pillow like the one picture at the top, I needed 25 of these granny squares with circle centers for the front, and 25 for the back. 50 may sound like a lot. By comparison, for Truly’s pillow, I used a larger hook, but same yarn, and needed 16 squares for the front, and 16 for the back. Once you start making these, you will see how fast they go.
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