How To Unify Picture Frames


(Prints at top and bottom are both from Lisa Congdon, damn fine day print from the SIBLING shop)
I am cleaning and clearing the studio today and decided to change up the wall above the fireplace. Even though I do love the print that was up there, I tend to change up the walls pretty regularly around the house. This is a simple project I did last year, but never talked much. Taking thrift store, mismatched wooden frames of various sizes and unifying them with color and a metallic stripe. Once the base coat of paint is completely dry (I spray painted these with a few coats of white and let them dry overnite), I taped off a 2″ wide space on each of them using painter’s blue tape, then sprayed metallic inside the stripe (two coats). I intentionally didn’t put the stripe going exactly through the middle of the frames. The idea being, hang them by lining up the stripe, not the frame. These three frames are all different sizes, and I love the way it creates a unified look.
Another way to do these is to hang them tighter together, which I might actually do. I’ve got two smaller frames with the same stripe on them, but I’ll need to figure out what to put in them.