Are you cutting safely with your Rotary Cutter?

Rotary Cutters


This week’s Q(uilting) & Answer video is about using a rotary cutter safely.

OK, full disclosure, this is not a question I am asked on the regular. But in workshops I teach, I’ve seen some, well, creative ways to hold and cut with a rotary cutter. 😬 Some have learn one way, when just starting out, and have a hard time relearning safer ways to handle a rotary cutter.

I get it.

I’ve a couple of nasty cuts from my rotary cutter and every one was not using it properly. Going to fast, not keeping it closed when I’m not actively cutting with it… basically not respecting it’s extreme sharp blade. Which is the part of it that I love it for.



YouTube Rotary Cutter


In this week’s video, let’s break down 5 ways to safely handle a rotary cutter.

I am having a lot of fun, designing these Q(uilting) & Answer videos to be short (5 minutes and under) and straight to the point. This is a great exercise in restraint for me (I can over-explain). The videos are not filled with things you likely aren’t interested in knowing. Especially when you’re in “Just the facts, ma’am” mode, as I often am on youtube.  Hopefully they are helpful for learning about little things here and there that can, as I say in the video, help us make better quilts!


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