Candy Mountains is headed to Quiltcon 2019!

I am thrilled that this quilt, Candy Mountains, is headed to Nashville for Quiltcon 2019 in a few short weeks!


A little background. You see, 2018 definitely gave me some creative slumps. Many times I felt myself looking outward and feeling like I wasn’t measuring up. What an icky feeling. Anyway, since I have been slowly remaking the quilts in my book, it seemed a good place to jump in and try to feel more creative. I randomly picked the quilt “Indigo” on the cover.

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This is a very classic, Delectable Mountains quilt block. One I just love. To keep things interesting on this new version, I decided to slightly alter the layout. Instead of laying the blocks out as I did in the indigo one, with each row laid out exactly as the one above it, I moved each row one half block to the right. This simple change created new diamond shapes on the quilt that weren’t there in the indigo version. (Look closely below to see the effect.) That’s the only change to the actual patchwork layout. The one downside to this layout change is that there are points that will never match up. Having these “crags” as I call them now symmetrically laid out throughout the quilt creates interesting places for the eye to stop. “Craggy mountains” for that reason.😉



Indigo quilt


The other most obvious difference is the color palette! Each of the Wise Craft Quilts projects I’ve reworked so far uses a completely different color palette than the one in the book. The effect of this one was particularly striking. I had seen some images on Pinterest that gave me goosebumps. I believe it started with this one.


Ah, those colors!!!


I didn’t realize how much I loved this palette until it occurred to me- I’ve been collecting Nemadji vases in a very similar palette for a few years now.



Above: About 1/4 of my current collection of Nemadji vases


I knew it would be a fun palette to play with. The fabrics are all various thrifted clothing, some quilting cottons, and of course, some Liberty of London randomly thrown in.


The moral of this story is- never underestimate what a “why not” or “what if” project can become!


I will not be traveling to Nashville for Quiltcon this year. But if you are there (lucky you!) and see Candy Mountains, please snap a picture for me!


See where the Candy Mountains quilt would live.




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